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Claire is a Paris-based stage and film actress, working both in English and French.

She trained at L’école du Jeu – Professional Acting School in Paris. She has a Masters in Theatre Studies from La Sorbonne University.


She moved to Australia in 2014, where she got involved in Australian/British productions : Holy Dying for the Fringe Festival in Melbourne, and Now we can Talk for the Adelaide Fringe Festival – Winner of the John Chataway Innovation Award 2014.


In Europe, she works with different directors : she plays one of the main roles in “Z” (Clément Clareton), the lead character for the web-serie "Guide's life" (Romain Grésillon) and is one of the lead roles of the feature film "Cours Toujours" (Insolence Productions).


Claire is a passionate advocate for women's causes. She has been staring in her solo performance Si Mona naissait là, based on The Second Sex from Simone de Beauvoir, since April 2017. The show toured in Singapore (October 2018), and will be touring in Avignon festival (summer 2020).

About me.

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